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Would you like More Secrets about Idea Creation?

Ideas aren’t hard. You tell yourself they are, but they’re not.

And, if you really want to get over this hurdle of self doubt and imposter syndrome, the only way to really smash this block is to … just … do it. Pick a system, and do it every day for twenty minutes.

So, add it to your Business As Usual task list!

 For example, as a copywriter, I like to scan the emails I have received overnight, and look at the headlines. They show me what people are using for hooks, what emotions they’re trying to play, what words and phrases are in right now. Then pick out a couple and read them, thinking about how you can use it in your own marketing.

Or perhaps on Facebook, switch into your Page, and then scan your feed. Don’t read too deeply; just skim it. What images catch your eye? Why do they catch your eye, and does that inspire you to write something?

Think about your last client session. What questions did they ask? What did you want to tell them? What outcomes did they get? How did you feel about that? How did they feel about that?

You can also just grab a notebook and write down twenty ideas every day. Then, when you come to your allocated marketing time, you have pages and pages of ideas to select from, and can pick based on fun, interest, or what you feel your client wants to know.

The secrets about idea creation isn’t CREATING ideas, it’s remembering the ideas they have created. Tracking and recording is EVERYTHING for when you can’t think of anything on the day. Bank it, baby! Get those banks full!

Got questions? Ping me, I’d love to answer – check out my Facebook page and say hi! 


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