Creativity is the seat of all happiness.

When humans don’t have the space to play and explore, they lose connection with the world around them.

Creativity is what gives us meaning in our days. When we feel connected and open to learning, open to discovery, we bloom in ways we never expect.

We are creative every day in tiny ways. Creativity isn’t about Art (with a capital A) or Writing (with a… you get it.). Creativity is about making choices, and making leaps into the unknown, whether tiny or large moves.

In conversations, we use creativity in discussion. What topics we ask for next; what comments we say about things, selecting who to talk to. We use creativity in the board room – what campaign to work on next, what imagery, what messaging do we use?

And we use creativity to build futures that don’t exist yet. Creativity makes space for the excitement about the future. Yes, there’s a lot about the Now that sucks, and as a collective we’re probably throwing ourselves off the cliff.

But as one person trying to make a difference, creativity also means you’ll find others trying to build the safety net. You’ll find new friends with new (creative) ideas. You’ll build networks and find new ways of doing things.

If you feel dull and dreary right now, how can you inject a little more creativity into your day? Even something as small as imaging your coffee is a Healing Potion +10 HP (Yes, a gaming joke, so sorry!) can just … start reopening your mind to the amazingness within.

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