How do you construct a social media post? 

There’s many ways to write a post, so here’s a super simple framework for you to use. Consider templates as training wheels you can strap onto your socials! Most posts have a three or four step construction. This template below is very useful, and one I love to work with.

  1. Hook sentence
  2. Story section
  3. Ending story/lesson
  4. CTA

 Of course, building something from there is a little fiddly to start with! 😀


A hook is something designed purely to catch attention. You should focus on putting some emotions into this, something that a human brain will latch on to. I sometimes rewrite hooks, or else create a list of them before I find the one that works. But for the purposes to getting your socials up and running, I will limit you too three rewrites.

 Story Section.

This is optional, depending on your post type! You don’t have to tell a story! If you do, it can be a sentence or a paragraph – it’s up to you!

The story should be something that moves the reader. Take them on a little journey. The type of post will affect how you tell the story, but the story at it’s heart is the same. What do you want to tell your audience today?

 Story End/Lesson

One sentence to rule them all and bind all the pieces together. People don’t want to have to read, and then interpret your message. This is where you just tell them. Be blatant. Be very blatant.

 Call To Action

Not every post needs a call to action. The ones that do are your Sales (Commit) posts and your Desire (Dating) posts. The others it’s OK if you’re just putting out something for someone to think about, or showing off something, or sharing something without expecting something back.

 So what do you think? It’s a really useful template for people who think they can’t write socials (you totally can!) to help them get over some of the initial creative blocks. Don’t forget some posts can be a single line, others can just be an image. Mix it up, make videos, have fun!

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