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I help women starting businesses to get creative and confident in social media.

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My Mission

My mission is to help you so you don’t need me!

My skills lie in helping you to dissect blocks and show you tools to handle the same issues when they come up in the future – which of course they will!

But with the right tools at hand, you’ll be able to slay dragons and get your online business right where you want it to be.




Choosing You

It’s uncomfortable for women to choose themselves.

A lifetime of service, of being trained to please others has meant that when we finally strike out on our own, we don’t know what parts of us were our training, and what parts of us were stifled.

I help YOU grow your independence. My mission is to help you on your journey, provide you with tools and share your joys and triumphs.


My Services

Coaching Tools mixed with Social Media

1:1 Coaching

Mini-Strategy Session (60-90 mins)

Social Media Confidence Academy

Three Months

Creating change takes time. You need to be ready to explore uncomfortable feelings and grow in new areas.

Are you ready to choose you?


Weekly Sessions

Firstly we’ll do a deep dive into you and your business, and then we’ll start to explore what’s holding you back, and I’ll help you look for ways to fix problems and give you the support you need.

Choosing You

I offer discounts for paying in full, or payments plans than can work with your time frames. I understand what life is like when raising children, building a business, and just.. being human!

News & Resources

Manifesting and Social Media

Manifesting and Social Media

Have you ever thought about the manifesting power of social media? Processes of Manifesting and Social Media The process to manifesting is basically to imagine the results you want, release the intention/desire to the universe, and then keep doing actions towards your...

Automation in Marketing

Automation in Marketing

Have you ever gone through a marketing pipeline that was fully automated? Automation in marketing is the big goal for many small business owners I talk to. But there may be hidden dangers! I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about online experiences,...

A Simple Social Media Strategy

A Simple Social Media Strategy

Strategy gets talked about a lot when it comes to using digital marketing (and social media in particularly) in an effective way. Strategy is needed to ensure your posts are meaningful, aligned with your business purposes, and also moves the customer along their...

It’s time to choose you.

I say that a lot on this page because it’s something I firmly believe women need to get better at. We are in a time where we have so many choices the noise can be overwhelming. But you know what you need to do, and I’m here to help you reach your taget audience and create your online presence that is all YOU. Let me help.