Emotions are conveyed through specific word choices, and a lot of people don’t realise the power of their own language. Today I am exploring adding emotions to your copywriting. 

My example for today:


“Would you like a cup of tea?” being answered by the following:



“I guess.”

“Yes please.”

“Hell yeah!”

“What sort?”


Each of these responses give away different context. If someone said “sure,” they sound mildly interested in the tea. “Hell yeah!’ is enthusiastic consent, and “What sort?” indicates someone who knows their tea and has specific requirements.


So when it comes to writing your copy, I recommend you write it and then allow some time for your brain to move out of creative mode. When you’re ready for edit mode, then you go through carefully and consider key words.


Also check how often do you use certain phrases and sentences? Could they be tightened, tweaked or improved? Sometimes we over communicate, trying to fit in as much as we can in one post. This is unwise, as clarity is critical when writing for social media.


So let’s take our example and turn it around to the person initiating the conversation.


“Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Wanna tea?”

“Tea? Coffee? Herbal tea?”

“Do you want a hot drink, I guess? Tea?”

“I hate tea, but do you want one? It’s all that I have in the house”


Each of these encompass a feeling, as well as have context information in them. “Would you like a cup of tea,” is polite, expected, and would be a standard offer to a guest. “Wanna tea?” as more colloquial implies the guest is a close friend, and this is a super casual situation, and that formality is not important here.


The last sentence implies the server is feeling imposed upon, can’t be arsed to make an effort, possible resents having the guest in their house and wanting anything.


So when you take the time to stop and ready your text, what does it tell your audience about you, your attitudes and your intentions? Does your copy come across the same way as you do?

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