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I help busy business women with social media. I bring a sweet skillset of social media management experience and coaching to my people. I fit right into the junction between wanting to get great at organic social media, and finding it all just too much hard work.

I’ll help make it easier by showing you shortcuts and helping you develop the skills you need to shine, and share my amazing positive energy with you!

If you have any questions you specifically would like me to look at in our half an hour chat, please add them into the form.

If you’re ready to meet me, you can book the free half an hour chat here without even sending me a form! 

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Social Media Confidence Academy


Social Media Management and Copywriting Services


1:1 Coaching 12 or 24 weeks

General Questions


Why would I need a coach?

A coach is here to help you navigate some aspects of your mind and your thoughts. We offer techniques and solutions within our field, and help you to see clearly through your emotional responses so you can create the future you choose. 

What's the difference between a Coach and Mentor?

A coach has a more generic purview, and specialise in helping you overcome your inner limitations. A mentor is someone who is in the same industry as you, and has already walked the path you’d like to walk. 

Why social media and coaching?

I love social media and communications, and love helping people to find their own rhythm and space in the social media of their choice. I have worked in social media for years now, and so I offer a mix of hard skills in social media content creation, scheduling, and strategy, and soft skills in overcoming blocks around visibility, worth and work. Social media is unique in that we strive so hard to be authentic that we lose our unique attributes! 

What's the Key to Social Media?

Organisation. It’s a learned skill, and you can do this with out me! There’s heaps of great resources out there you can get for free, but the secret to success is having support and help. That’s where I come in. I’m “freakishly efficient” according to an SMM client, and while I take on the occasional SMM client, coaching is close to my heart. I’ll step you through content pillars, consistency, content creation and more. 

Why are you so expensive?

It’s ok if you can’t afford my one on one time yet. I also offer payment plans if you’re interested – just ask!

I’m also busy creating videos and workbooks just for you – starting with my course about Blogging. I also have a group course starting soon at my Social Media Confidence Academy, and I do free webinars once every six weeks. 

Why are your packages so long? 3 or 6 months is forever.

If you’re not getting the results you want from your social media, then you need to explore why. Real change takes time, and coaching with me is part coaching, part skill building, and part personal development. You’ll be walking away from me with a huge toolkit of resources and skills for your online business. 

Can I do this with a friend? You say you've only got capacity for one more person, why?

My time is important to me and my family, and I make sure I have the energy and enthusiasm to treat you with the love and respect you deserve. I take clients carefully to ensure they get the best from me, and I get the best from them!

I would be willing to meet your friend, and consider the idea. 


Let’s Learn Together! 

I say that a lot on this page because it’s something I firmly believe women need to get better at. We are in a time where we have so many choices the noise can be overwhelming. But you know what you need to do, and I’m here to help you reach your target audience and create your online presence that is all YOU. Let me help

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