I’m about to give away a bunch of my secrets!

Ideas are easy. No one believes me, but they are.

If you need help to create them, the first thing I am going to do is point you to my free #28daysofsocialmedia eBook. It’s main claim to fame is to help people to get used to posting daily on a social media platform, but it also has some hints, tips and an idea matrix in there so you can print it out and start thinking!

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But enough of that. All you need is your brain, and a retention method. Retention method can be pen and paper, a computer, voice recording, I don’t care. You can chisel into rocks too, if you like!

First step is to put your marketing mindset into place. I have a crown. 👑

To begin with, think of your customer. Now ask your self lots of questions about what THEY need to know about YOU.


Twenty Useful Questions

What’s the first thing your customer needs to know about you?

Your business?

What is it you actually do?


Why did you pick that modality/oracle deck/intuitive style?

What does it do for YOU?

What do your pets think?

What do your parents/best friend/some rando think?

How much does it cost?

What happens when I book you?

Tell me about your process?

What happens when I click on your link?

Why would I want that?

Where would it fit into my life/house/ideal me?

What sort of results can I expect?

What do I get?

Can I give it to someone else?

Will you do it for free?

Where can I watch you do your thing?

How do I know you’re right for ME?

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