Have you ever gone through a marketing pipeline that was fully automated? Automation in marketing is the big goal for many small business owners I talk to. But there may be hidden dangers!

I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about online experiences, appearances online, and the choices we, as marketers, make.

It was impressive though – this pipeline was good. Like, almost seamless. If it hadn’t had any problems, I would have just walked away wondering if the lives were actually live, and left it at that. But things got derailed…

  • Step One: I googled for a coach for a problem I wanted to resolve.
  • Step Two: Open webpage, and get “There’s a 7 Day Challenge starting on Monday! And it’s at 6pm Your Time!” Oh, awesome, say I as I sign up. Let’s check this shit out.
  • Step Three: Get confused by all the emails, broken links, useless automated support, and walk away having learnt some lessons.

Yeah nah, I won’t be buying that $297USD bunch of recordings thanks.

Reasons why I was impressed: It was fully automated. Webpage, email, webinar delivery. All fully automated, not a real person in sight. The webpage PROMISED it was a live challenge but … I don’t believe it. I am not even sure why, but … no. So already I felt like they were pushing the limits of honesty.

Then I started to get emails for “bonus” webinars. I signed up for the first one, got confused, signed up for both the 10am one and the 6pm one, and honestly, this one was really quite good. The first official webinar of the challenge was about 50% testimonials. I consider that a high amount, personally, but I am finding the more I learn about marketing the more interesting it gets. Americans seem to like a higher hype factor than Australians or English peeps, and we seem to be turned off by OTT bullshittery. Americans seem to find it … not offputting at least?

So for the next three days I got promises of bonus webinars but where the links were borked. I wanted to watch them. I even re-arranged my whole week so I could be home at 6pm every night for the “live” non-repeated webinars. Then on day 3 we got a webpage that had all the recordings despite the promises of no replays. In the end, between the 13th of March to the 24th of March, Gmail tells me I got 32 email discussions. That’s 2.909 emails a day – or 3 emails per day for 11 days.

This is discussions – it doesn’t factor for duplicate emails I got sent (8) or the discussion I had with “support” where a bot was cheerfully unhelpful. In two separate discussions.

To me, it felt like the marketer’s dream gone wrong. Like… once it functioned flawlessly. But it’s been left alone for so long, small deteriorations have grown to become bigger problems. Emails that were using timed links are no longer working correctly. The robots hand ball my problems with other robots in an endless circle jerk. I didn’t get what I wanted, they didn’t get what they wanted (my money) and there’s this hollow echo of a business that might still be making a dollar or two but at the end of the day…

Feels abandoned.

Is that the sort of business they wanted to build?

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