Social media is unlike anything else we write for in business. My favourite structure to work with is the AIDA model. AIDA works brilliantly with social media. 


Socials have a unique position as being primarily an entertainment platform and a sales platform. In a way, it’s replacing the TV of days past, where all channels were free to air, and the advertisers payments kept the TV stations afloat.


So now, the social media is the TV shows, produced by others, and the distribution model is FB or Insta or Pinterest, in the same way we had channels 7,9 and 10 and the ABC.


The special thing an online business needs really appreciate is that we can advertise for free, and test our adverts. This is absolutely golden. In the past, market research could only go so far. Today, we can put out an ad tomorrow and see how it performs.


And if it performs well, we can then pay and expand it’s reach! How fantastic is that??


Marketing hasn’t changed and the bones of it are unlikely to change. The way we deliver each step will change, again and again and again, but we’re working with people, and people don’t change.


So, let’s talk about my favourite marketing model – AIDA.


A – Attention

I describe this as being for people who don’t know you. When you walk into the party, what sets you apart? Are you funny? Interesting? Have great aesthetic? You meet your ideal client’s eyes across the room – what brings them closer?


I – Interest

Okay, so they’ve come a little closer. They could spot you in a lineup, and they’re willing to pay attention to you. What do you say now? How do you say it? What do you REALLY want to say?


D – Desire

They’ve been nodding along and smiling, eyes meeting yours and even asking the occasional question. Do they know how they can get even closer to you? What are the next ways they can get into your sphere of influence? Do they want to get a weekly update (newsletter), have the occasional chat (DM) or perhaps like or follow your online platform?


A – Action

Tell the world you’re for sale! Tell every one! What benefits do they get from purchasing from you? What products are you offering? How do they buy? Where do they buy? What do they get? Let them know you’re OPEN FOR BUSINESS!


If you create your content using these four steps in the process, you are covering all your bases. Algorithms will show some things to some people, so no one will get every post you ever make. This also gives you space to experiment and have some fun!


Algorithms are designed with the platforms’ business requirements in mind. So they will test the post to see if it’s good quality. The algorithm wants happy customers who like to scroll and stay inside the platform. Does you content teach, amuse or entertain in some way?


The more regularly you post, the more the algorithm will be trained to appreciate you as a content provider. Remember, the TV model only works if there’s customers, so providing entertaining content is the rule. When you consistently create content, of a certain quality, the algorithms will start to favour you.


However, organic social media is the customer service side of the marketing world. When you’ve tested your messaging and you know what works and what doesn’t, it’s time to start considering paid advertising.


However, that’s another post! My final words are – if you create four posts a week following the above guidelines, you’re off to a brilliant start. If you need help or just want to chat, you can always reach to me through my FB page, I’d love to hear from you!

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