Strategy gets talked about a lot when it comes to using digital marketing (and social media in particularly) in an effective way. Strategy is needed to ensure your posts are meaningful, aligned with your business purposes, and also moves the customer along their purchasing journey.

Social media strategies should take into account your unique business needs. It helps if you understand the life cycle of businesses, from ideation, validation, start up and beyond, to know what sort of strategy you need.

Someone in ideation, validation and start up should be concentrating on exploration and development. The product you might sell may change over time, but the unique energy of yourself, and your views of the world, remain the same. Why not invite likeminded souls to watch your journey, especially if they’re the type of people you’d love to work with?

At this stage, if you use my Dirty Thirty strategy, with the extra three posts I would recommend adding some extra content in the Reach category. This is on top of the basic four posts. You’re trying to build an audience, and so focusing on content that people find interesting enough to like, share, or comment on, will help you to get started.

As you develop your business and your product, you’ll start to develop language around what you offer, what solutions you provide, and what problems you fix. These are great for the other three types of posts – warm, hot and offer posts.

Having a strong organic social media presence means that you have already trained up the algorithms to know who likes your content, when they’re online, and what they are interested in. This sort of info will help run cheaper and more effective advertising campaigns. And with your knowledge of what services you provide, and your experience talking about that, you can write better ads.

Social media strategies often focus on one aspect – the page or central hub of the business social empire. But social media is bigger than just that, and engagement through going into groups and other pages and being fun, useful or interesting in other areas can really support your business.

Don’t forget though – everything takes time. If you’re starting from scratch, you will have no followers. The algorithm won’t trust you as a creator. You won’t know how to create interesting or meaningful content. And once you master daily posting, you then are ready to start exploring the next stages of social media marketing, such as paid advertising.

Don’t forget, if you’d like to chat with me about Social Media Confidence Coaching, or perhaps even be part of my beta for Launch Coaching, click on the photo below.

I’m ready to rumble – I can’t wait to talk social media!


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