Manifesting and Social Media

Manifesting and Social Media

Have you ever thought about the manifesting power of social media?

Processes of Manifesting and Social Media

The process to manifesting is basically to imagine the results you want, release the intention/desire to the universe, and then keep doing actions towards your goal, but without stressing about it. You’ve released your energy, your intention, to the universe, and trust the universe to provide.

And this is also what we do with social media.

We have a process to visualise who our ideal clients are. We work to figure out what problems they have that we can solve. We try and understand what we can about them. We also turn our attention to the problem that we solve, and the solutions we provide.

The more we visualise, the more real they become. When we have these in our mind’s eye, we then need to take concrete steps towards the outcome.

Writing your socials with your intended target in mind, building a new future in which they are your clients? Is totally manifesting. A daily micromovement towards your goal? Also manifesting.

Getting better at your socials, so you can manifest clients faster and with less worry and stress? Also improving your manifesting process!

I love helping people to create a week’s worth of content. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to start giving you the manifesting practice. A key part is the scheduling and releasing. You need to get your energy out there!

But What if We Don’t Post Regularly?

When I see a dead social media feed, I am going to respond to it like any old stagnant energy – avoid. I’m not saying you need to post every five seconds, but you can see the ones where no one’s posted in months and nothing looks like it’s happening. It looks like the business is no longer functioning.

It might just be that their manifesting practices are working elsewhere. Socials aren’t the only way to meet new clients.

However, if you’ve made a CHOICE to use organic socials, you need to also understand that your page is like your house. If the lights are on, there’s stuff and people, and there’s inviting things to try and do, then people will naturally want to find out more. But if your party house is empty, and dark, the food is from six months ago and never been cleaned away and when they ask for help all they get back is hollow echoes…

You have a haunted house, not a working social media marketing machine!

But What can We Do about a Dead Feed?

I have a very simple system called the Dirty Thirty, where I help you to get your weekly marketing for your page down to thirty minutes. You need to post.

You need to shine!

You need to let your energy out for others to see and tell them how they can work with you!

I know people who have spent hours agonising over one post. I understand – there’s a lot of undercurrents when it comes to marketing. You’re going to feel all the feels.

But you’re also determined, brave, brilliant and tenacious.

So understanding WHAT you’re going to be posting, WHO you’re writing it for, and HOW to do it? Is like magic.

If you’re ready to get your socials under control, I’m doing the Dirty Thirty as a workshop, or a full 12 week coaching system, where we deep dive once a fortnight into the whole system, step by step. I help with copywriting, writer’s block, and social media management, cos I am just that good.

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