Setting the world on fire, one soulful business at a time. 

You deserve to shine – so lets conquer social media together!

About Me

Digital Creator since Last Century

That’s right –  I’ve been creating content for the net since 1996!

Get your business voice crystal clear and singing from the rooftops with my help. Tame the hungry social media beast with an experienced Social Media coach and manager – me!

My Dirty Thirty will take the teeth from the marketing dragon and put you where you belong – in control.

I Make Marketing As Easy As Pie!

In my Dirty Thirty I get you writing four peices of content in thirty minutes – a week’s worth of socials! We use the marketing model AIDA to create posts that lure your customers in with your unique voice and then remind them how great it is to work with you!

Tired of banging your head on your keyboard, or avoiding your marketing completely? Especially when you KNOW in your heart that your fire should be shared. Your passion is to help others, and your special gifts and talents NEED to be OUT THERE! As a Projector I love to get soul led entrepreneurs creative, consistent and confident on socials. :)

My Mission is to Guide

You’re ignoring the siren call of your marketing. Again. Still. Something. Scroll scroll scroll.

But what if your socials were fun? What if you knew what to post? And when to post it? 

What if you had a Maven in your pocket, guiding you along the way?

My Dirty Thirty gets YOU back in control of your destiny. You’ll learn tips and techniques that will help you every day you continue to market your services online. 

Can you afford to wait? 

Avoiding your marketing?

Too many idea, not enough ideas, feel like you can’t write, too distracted, no time… Let me help!


NFI what to post? 

My Dirty Thirty includes training on the top four post types your business should be creating! 

Content for Content’s Sake

Spaghetti posting is so 2019! Know who you’re talking to, and why every time you post!


Necessary Marketing Skills

Bad marketing is like speaking 50% of a language. You might get by, but you could be flying instead!


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